I finally have finished recording my friends songs. The production isn’t the greatest as this was my first time ever recording/producing songs but my friends are happy with it. Not too bad for having no professional equipment and fake drums.

Listen here!

NOTE: The song “Sad Songs” was NOT produced by me. I’m saying this because… its the truth… and it doesn’t sound very good :p


Finishing an EP

Me and my friends are finally finished recording the 5 songs that will go on their EP. It sounding really good so far.

All that is left is just mastering on a couple of more tracks but then once that is done (which should be around Saturday), they will put the songs on CDs and send them to record companies.

This is huge, so it’s my job that I mix and master their songs as best as I can so the record companies can hear exactly what the band was trying to go for. The songs are great. I just have to make sure I don’t screw up and make them sound bad with my production job. :P They’re not going to sound perfect and proffesional because I’m just some kid on his computer using a program called “Fruity Loops Studio” with only like $200 of equipment but I’m pretty impressed at the quality that I manage to get out of the songs.

So yeah, Just wanted to say that. :) I’ll post the songs on here for anybody that wants to listen. Like Rebecca Osborn:D girlfriend of the drummer.


Remember, I didn’t help CREATE these songs. Just helped record them.

Songs on the EP

October Thoughts

I’ve been learning the tricks on recording songs, mixing/mastering them to sound proffesional. It sounds simple but it’s a lot harder than one would think.

Here is a song that I DID NOT make, but helped record for some friends of mine. It’s a good song too!

October Thoughts by Young Philosopher.

Some of you guys may know the people in this band. Some go to this college.

  • Mackenzie Healy – Guitar/Vocals
  • Erik Dzirko – Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Connor Kasabian – Drums

The mixing and mastering of the track is nowhere near perfect but when comparing this track to an unmastered version of it, the different is huge.

I’ll post a link showing what this song sounds like without any mixing/mastering or effects. It sounds like I didn’t do much and mixing a song is easy but you would be surprised how this song sounded before any editing was done.

Mylo the Bearded Dragon

I got a bearded dragon a few days ago :D Me and my girlfriend bought him so I guess he is kind of both of ours. His name is Mylo. Ya dig?


He’s a small little fellow but he’s gonna grow into a man one day. About a foot long.

These creatures are cool because unlike most reptiles, they love attention and get excited when they see their owner. They can play with other animals like dogs and cats. It’s gonna be fun.

I’m taking a picture of him every day in the exact same way and by the time hes huge, I’ll make a cool little time lapse video.